Pitch Deck Consultants Services

About Pitch Genius

Pitch Genius can provide the industry expertise and support you need to land a successful fundraising round. With over 200 successful pitch decks already built, Pitch Genius has all the tools and knowledge necessary for startups to reach their financial goals. Utilize their trade secrets and deep expertise in financial modeling to move the needle with investors and book the most meetings with founders.


Pitch Genius knows what it takes to turn a business idea into reality with a compelling story that resonates with potential investors. Their team is motivated by your success, offering not only well-crafted presentations but also a full suite of products and services like financial modeling, market research, and pitch coaching so you’re fully prepared before speaking with investors. Pitch Genius also provides ongoing support throughout the entire fundraising journey, being an extension of your founding team every step of the way. Their investor pitch deck packages come with an array of features and custom options designed to suit your business needs. These include creative design, financial modeling, market research, pitch coaching, investor feedback, and more.


  • Expertise: The Pitch Genius team has extensive experience in creating successful pitch decks and financial models.
  • Customizable: Pitch Genius offers custom pitch deck packages tailored to the individual needs of their clients.
  • Support: Individualized coaching and ongoing support are available to ensure success in fundraising efforts.
  • Affordable: Pitch Genius offers competitive prices for their services so that startups can access the tools and expertise they need.


  • Limited scope: Pitch Genius focuses solely on pitch deck and financial modeling services, so they won’t be able to provide support in other areas.


Pitch Genius is an industry leader in pitch deck and financial modeling services. With over 200 successful pitch decks created, the Pitch Genius team has all the knowledge and expertise you need to land a successful fundraising round. From creative design and financial modeling to pitch coaching and investor feedback, their services are designed to help you reach your financial goals.