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About Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans a New York based consulting company, established in 2012, serves companies in all major industries and stages of the business life cycle to provide customized financial projections, pitch decks, business strategies, and other deliverables that facilitate growth that are suited to their specific requirements. Pro Business Plans was founded by Chase Hughes, an accomplished business planner with over a decade of professional expertise in banking and investment management.

Pro Business Plans has a proven track record of working with businesses in a variety of sectors to develop winning business plans and pitch decks. Thousands of company owners have benefited from their extensive market research, strategic planning, and capital raising services in securing funding for their ventures. Their staff of skilled consultants and writers of business plans are committed to assisting business owner in achieving their company goals.


Pro Business Plans offers a wide range of services, including comprehensive market analysis and research, financial forecasting and financial model building, strategic planning and funding assistance.

Every step in the process yields crystal clear insights that can be integrated directly into your plans and strategies. With this kind of assistance at hand, it’s no wonder Pro Business Plans has become the go-to choice of so many aspiring innovators.

The services offered include high quality investor materials such as business plans, pitch decks and financial models built with thought and insight backed by extensive expertise in finance, market research and strategy.


  • Comprehensive business plans
targeting investors: Creating comprehensive and detailed business plans that are tailored to attract investors is Pro Business Plans’ specialty. Packed with detailed product/service descriptions, market research, operational strategies, financial predictions, and captivating executive summaries, these meticulously designed plans have everything required to grab investor attention. Concentrating on readability and comprehensiveness, these plans proficiently communicate to prospective investors the company’s value, market prospects, managerial proficiency, and financial requirements.
  • Beautifully designed pitch decks: For businesses seeking investment, Pro Business Plans can create professional pitch decks that effectively communicate the company’s concept, market opportunity, competitive advantage, business plan, and financial projections to potential backers. Pro Business Plans creates eye-catching, powerful presentations that influence possible investors.
  • Funding assistance: Pro Business Plans can help the customer find the appropriate finance sources and offer advice throughout the whole fundraising procedure. Their team of professionals may offer advice on how to make the fundraising process as efficient as possible, from finding possible investors to settling on conditions of business model.
  • Comprehensive market research to reduce the risks of failure: Pro Business Plans conducts comprehensive market research to help clients understand their target market, market trends, competition, and potential opportunities or obstacles. They have the resources to employ in-depth market research to uncover novel opportunities, patterns, and revelations.
  • Founder’s strong entrepreneurial background: CEO and creator of Pro Business Plans Chase Hughes oversees consultancy engagements. Hughes regularly contributes on pertinent subjects, such as leading digital transformation, financing, and new technologies, to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine. ProAI, an additional AI-powered platform for corporate information and planning was also developed by him. Hughes’ career underscores his commercial acumen and positions him to spearhead a strategic planning company for growth-oriented businesses.
  • Strategic planning and advice to increase chances of success: Pro Business Plans offers investment materials and strategic consulting services to help customers with business plan development, value proposition refinement, and overcoming challenges in their specific industries. Their staff of knowledgeable business plan writers and consultants offers testing strategies and perceptive advice to help their customers reach their goals.


  • Expensive: Pro Business Plans is a pitch deck consultant that is reputed to be more expensive than others. Because of this, it could be less affordable for people or companies with limited resources.
  • Improvement in market research: According to reviews and testimonials of customers who contacted Pro Business Plans one area that could use some extra attention is the market research offered.


For many years, Pro Business Plans team has assisted a diverse clientele, ranging from Fortune 50 titans to seed stage entrepreneurs, in growing their businesses. Pro Business Plans establishes itself as the go-to resource for seasoned entrepreneurs and early stage ventures aiming to start or grow their firms because of its outstanding consulting & business strategies and customer satisfaction.