Pitch Deck Consultants Services

About Slidebean

Slidebean provides a one-stop shop for startups looking to fundraise by offering ten essential tools at an affordable price. These tools and services help founders create professional pitch decks, manage investor relations, build financial models, access startup lessons, and consult with experts. In addition to these fundamental offerings, Slidebean Agency provides custom pitch deck and financial modeling services through a team of business analysts and finance professionals.


Slidebean is the go-to service when it comes to creating high-level presentations that impress investors and other business partners. For well over 30,000 startups, Slidebean has been their secret weapon in both writing and designing their investor decks. Not only will Slidebean design your presentation to make sure it’s sure to grab people’s attention, they’ll provide top-notch advice from experienced professionals who have seen hundreds of decks come through the system. And that doesn’t even cover the best part – Slidebean has been involved in helping startups raise $300 million in funding combined!

Slidebean also offers a “Pitch Deck Builder” tool that allows entrepreneurs to create custom pitch decks in just minutes. It’s fast, easy, and helps you save time. Slidebean also provides financial modeling services with the help of experienced professionals that ensure your forecasts are accurate and reliable.


  • Quick turnaround: Slidebean is known for its quick turnaround time on projects.
  • Affordable pricing: Slidebean offers very competitive prices compared to other pitch deck and financial modeling services.
  • Unlimited cloud storage: Slidebean provides unlimited cloud storage so that you can easily access your project files anytime.
  • Online collaboration: Slidebean allows for real-time collaboration with your team, making it easier to work together on projects.
  • Expert advice: With Slidebean, you get access to experienced professionals who can provide valuable advice and guidance.


  • There isn’t enough documentation on how to use their services.


Slidebean provides a comprehensive suite of services for startups looking to fundraise. From pitch decks to financial modeling, Slidebean has the tools and expertise needed to help entrepreneurs raise capital. With their affordable prices and fast turnaround times, Slidebean is an ideal partner for any startup looking to secure investment.